Align with
best practice

Audit and compliance
platform for UK adult social care services

Gain complete control
of the audit lifecycle

Improve Compliance
Use our tailored audits designed specifically for UK adult social care services, or customise your own with our help. Improve compliance and push towards better practice.

Mitigate Risk
Rapidly identify the risks in your adult social care providers using our library of self-assessment tools.

Benchmark Outcomes
View clear reporting that shows how you’re performing over time and compared to industry benchmarks.

Drive Improvement
Use our digital quality improvement plan to action risks, assign risk ratings and responsibilities, drive opportunities for improvement, and log progress notes and evaluations.

Platform features

Linniar's library of audits have been created to help you meet the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act. The platform is specifically designed to support the transition of adult social care services to a proactive model of care that is centred on the needs of the residents, their families or representatives, and the care staff. Proactive self-assessment is also supported by functionality for ad hoc, responsive auditing, and checklists on demand. Where adverse events occur, we offer a digital registry for incident reporting and management. Finally, our online plan for continuous improvement supports homes to respond to gaps or opportunities for improvement.

A scalable platform with connectivity

  • Mobile native
  • Indicator monitoring 
  • Scheduler
  • Dashboards
  • User roles
  • Custom reports
  • API connectivity
  • Single Sign On
  • Configurability 
  • Data migration
  • Analytics
  • Ongoing support

How it works

Select from a library of audits covering a broad range of topics including clinical care, governance, safeguarding, and resident dignity and respect, among others.

Design a schedule that makes sense to your service and complete self-assessment tools each month.

Upload your own audits or checklists to complete either as part of a schedule or as needed.

Resolve gaps in your compliance using the digital quality improvement plan.

Generate benchmarked reports
and evidence of compliance as needed.